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Membership Services
Membership services include; joining the IEEE, renewing one's membership, adding optional services, elevating one's membership grade, and updating personal information in the IEEE member database. Today, these are all performed on-line using the following links to the IEEE operations center.

If you wish to apply, or nominate someone else, for Senior Member elevation, please use this specific link.

IEEE Web Accounts - as members we need to have an IEEE web account in order to log on to the IEEE membership web site and review or modify our member services profile. Web accounts are also needed to access many member-only services available on the web. If you already have an IEEE web account, make sure you keep your logon name and password handy. If you do not have an IEEE web account, you can register on-line and obtain one - just click on the graphic. It is important that we keep our logon name and password confidential so that others can not interfere with our IEEE membership records.

Update Your IEEE Membership Records - as members we need to keep our membership records up to date in the IEEE database. Click on the graphic to review or modify your member services profile. Your address must be correct for you to receive mail from IEEE (like Spectrum and the IEEE Canadian Review). Your e-mail address must be kept up to date so you continue to receive news alerts etc.

The Personal: Home and Auto Group Insurance - Benefit from exclusive advantages and preffered rates on your property insurance. Click on the graphic to get quotes, shop for property insurance, and find out how much is your property worth. You can also set renawal reminders and get services online.

IEEE E-mail Aliases are available, by clicking on the graphic. There is no charge and is only for members (any grade) of IEEE. The two primary benefits are; (a) protection against e-mail viruses that can cause serious damage, and (b) a permanent e-mail address with a professional connotation that remains the same as you change internet service providers, employers, or where you live - you modify your alias target whenever your real e-mail address changes. Here is a usefull hint - make your return address in your email program to be your IEEE alias to expand your protection when folks respond to your reply.

Please note - while the IEEE Toronto Section (volunteers) will do their best to help you to get the most out of your IEEE membership, they can not provide individual references for employment, elevation to Senior Member grade, and other such situations where a degree of personal knowledge is required. If you need such references, you may wish to make such personal contacts over time by becoming a regular participant at our Section, Chapter, Branch, and other meetings.

Why Become a Member ?
If you are not currently a member of IEEE and you are either involved or simply interested in Electrical, Electronic, or Computer Engineering, or in the associated technologies, we invite you to consider becoming a member. Here are some of the benefits of membership:

    All IEEE members

  • receive an award winning magazine "Spectrum" every month which features top quality articles that span the IEEE's wide range of interests. Check out the on-line edition.
  • receive the news suppliment to Spectrum, called "The Institute" which is mailed quarterly with web editions every month - the focus is on newsworthy items of interest to members worldwide. Check out the on-line edition.
  • can access to the IEEE on-line catalog and store and receive member discounts on a wide range of technical materials.
  • can join any of IEEE's over 30 technical societies, receive society member discounts for publications and at conferences, participate in technical working groups, standards committees, and so on.

    IEEE Canadian members
  • additionally receive a unique high quality magazine (three times a year), as well as our electronic newsletter - check out the on-line edition.

Being an IEEE member has another benefit on a professional level - it is the pride of being part of the most prestigious technical member society in electrical and computer engineering - in the entire world. On a more personal level, it is the reward of interacting with some of the finest people there are, sharing experiences, receiving the benefit of knowing the people who know - and will share with you. Here is a link to join on-line if you so choose.

If you would like to contact the Webmaster, email to Tonia Batten
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